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Math Resource Studio is an educational application which teaches kids basic arithmetic. Math Resource Studio aims to assist the process by providing numerous categories. Children can be sorted into each of these categories, and further subdivided if necessary. The program allows children to accomplish their exercises at their own pace.
The program is divided into a variety of subcategories, which can be sorted for learning and testing.
Children can add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers. Operations may be repeated on a scale of 1 to 10.
There is also an arcade section that users can access as they progress through the different levels. The game consists of five levels; the first three of them are easy-but-difficult, while the last two are very difficult. The latter two sections feature some spooky shapes as well as more complex calculations and levels.
As it appears, Math Resource Studio features over a dozen categories, covering such math operations as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, measurement of space and time, currencies, percentages, geometric shapes, measures and patterns.
In particular, it features a “Puzzle” section, which offers both a linear and a non-linear version of the exercises. The latter version is more entertaining, and also offers an option to repeat the tasks as many times as needed, with a countdown timer.
Another element that is unique to the program is the random number generator. This feature can be helpful when dealing with more complex problems, like those involving fractals.
Math Resource Studio also contains a set of basic fractions exercises as well as a complete set of coins, which are counted out through the program.
Math Resource Studio is a decent educational application for kids and adults alike, and demonstrates quite a bit of ingenuity. Unfortunately, the program isn’t a free-of-charge application, and is available only for license holders.

Math Resource Studio is a very powerful teaching application. It allows users to design worksheets that are tailor-made for a specific age or grade of children. This program also permits teachers to create their own educational exercises, like the addition and subtraction games.

Math Resource Studio is based upon a logical approach, and is divided into a variety of sections which correspond to the math operations that children of a certain age would be comfortable with.
The program also features a non-linear level system, which can be used for more difficult exercises. The arcade section also features daily challenges.

Math Resource Studio is an educational application designed for the classroom and

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Create your own worksheets with one mouse click! Replace specific numbers by a different numerical expression, to generate a completely different answer. Use the program’s features to increase your flexibility!
✓ Create as many mathematical worksheets as you want with more than 10 types of calculations
✓ All exercises include a rich list of modifications that allow you to adapt the task to your needs
✓ Use different objects for each calculation, and choose between simple numbers or real-life objects!
✓ Insert images into your creations to help the student understand the concept
✓ Optimize your worksheets for printing and sharing
✓ Print worksheets on any kind of printer
✓ Export your worksheets to text or HTML
✓ Export directly to PDF, JPEG, PNG or any image format
✓ Design your worksheets with different page layouts!
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– Worksheets
– Photo Gallery
– Text Generator
– Text Maker
– Web Page Generator
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Math Resource Studio 0.59.1 Crack Free

Math Resource Studio is an easy-to-use, three-in-one application for Math worksheets. It allows users to create their own worksheets, conveniently customize them and print them as PDFs.
The program is especially good for teaching Math to children, as it is practical and explains things in easy-to-understand language.

Math Resource Studio allows users to create their own worksheets. In this tutorial, we will see how to customize and print the worksheets.
Math Resource Studio Features:
The program allows creation of custom worksheets in a variety of categories such as worksheets for adding 2 numbers (e.g. 2+2), subtracting 2 numbers (e.g. 2-2), multiplying 2 numbers (e.g. 2*2), dividing 2 numbers (e.g. 2/2), finding the remainder when dividing 2 numbers (e.g. 2:2). There are also worksheets such as a time telling exercise, color instructions, shapes and examples.
Users can customize the worksheet layout and the order of rows and columns. It is also possible to change the font type, size and color, and to add a description and a question to each exercise.
Users can print the worksheet as PDF with a click of a mouse. All these features combine to make the program a power tool for educators.
Math Resource Studio’s Advantages:
As a reference for creating Math worksheets, the program is useful and reliable. It provides a variety of functions, and allows users to adjust them as they wish.
Users can print the worksheets individually or in groups. This means that they can preview the results before printing, and revise the order as many times as they like.
Math Resource Studio also allows users to create PDF files in a wide range of formats such as A4 (or Letter), US Letter, US Legal Letter, US Title Page/Tabloid, US Caption/Heading, etc. Users can select an A4 version by clicking on the drop-down menu to the right of the PDF printers.
Moreover, Math Resource Studio is available in an English and French version for those who prefer to use those languages. Users can quickly switch the language by clicking the drop-down menu on the top right of the program. Math Resource Studio is quite straightforward to operate.
Math Resource Studio Verdict:
In short, Math Resource Studio makes creating Math worksheets easy

What’s New In?

The Math Resource Studio is a powerful presentation tool, designed to enhance the possibilities of learning mathematics. Students and teachers can create tests that can be printed and given to the students to test them, and allow students to print, fill in, or write down their own worksheets. These tests are extremely customizable – users can select the type of worksheet, choose colors, sizes, text etc.As a developer, you probably don’t need to think much about how to capture and present the data inside of your UITableView. But for a lof of people, that one feature may be their most important interaction with your app and the main reason they download it. Good APIs make it easy for a user to do something on a tableview. Apple provides you with a few that make the process easier than ever.

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Check out the example project on GitHub.


This tutorial will teach you how to make a simple character menu for your iOS app. You’ll learn how to link a tableview accessory view to each row. Each accessory view will have a custom view that draws a CGPath for each row in the UITableView. You’ll learn how to detect when one of these characters, “X” or “C”, has been tapped to perform a custom block of code.

The result is a UI tableview with a menu of characters that you can tap.

Structure of the example project

The example project is structured so you can see how everything fits together.

The app currently has two main parts: the Characters Menu Controller and the CharacterMenuTableViewController. You can go into either of the two folders to see the structure. The CharactersMenuController contains a table view, which is the character menu and the CharacterMenuTableViewController is what displays that character menu on the screen. These two classes are much easier to understand on their own.

Character Menu Controller

You can download the source code here. There is a method that creates the character menu table view – how that method is called is the part that changes in each chapter.

Character Menu TableViewController

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