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Save the world in this brutal, high tech, caroonish, multiplayer FPS. Choose among 3 characters and bunch of weapons and play RiotZ online with friends and strangers. Choose from 3 characters: Infantry soldier The main character of this game. He is a soldier armed with M-48 Assault rifle, M-60 machine gun, 2 types of grenades. He also carries a few ammunitions with him. Scout The second character of the game. He is a scout, armed with Bizon sniper rifle, Bizon grenade launcher. He is the master of stealth and a great sneak. Engineer He is a helper in this game, helping the other two players. He is armed with AKM Assault Rifle, Uzi Assault Shotgun. His weapon of choice. There are 9 weapons in total: -Assaults: M-48 Assault Rifle, M-60 machine gun, MAG-7 Grenade Launcher -Equipments: Bizon Grenade Launcher, M-24 sniper rifle, Uzi Assault Shotgun, MP-10 submachine gun. -Pistols: Bizon sniper rifle, M-60 machine gun, MP-10 submachine gun, MP-93 submachine gun -Rocket Launcher: RPG-7 -Snipers: Bizon sniper rifle, Uzi Assault Shotgun, SV-98 sniper rifle and last 3 weapons which will be added in future updates: -Assault rocket launcher: M85 -Assault Shotgun: P90 -Battle shotgun: M15 Weapons are categorized into 4 groups: Guns, Burst, Grenades and Ammo. Guns: Assaults Equipments Pistols Special Weapons Grenades: 1) D-25 concussion grenade; 2) Frag grenades; 3) Flash grenades; 4) Molotov grenades; 5) Explosive grenades; 6) Ice grenades; 7) Incendiary grenades. Burst: Round shot, Cheetah round; Dummy round, Timbrel round, RG-6 round; Frag grenades: Standard grenade; Dud grenade; Dud grenade with smoke; Throwable dummy grenade; Throwable iron box grenade; Throwable UGR 76 grenade; Throwable RG-44 grenade; Throwable RG-40 grenade; Throwable RG-42 grenade; Throwable RG-44 grenade with smoke; Throwable RG


RiotZ Features Key:

  • A completely free game
  • Different game modes: Story Mode, Tournaments, Adventures and Casual.
  • Narrated Missions and an innovative User Interface
  • RiotZ Version:

    The game has a script version 1.1, you can download from : Roblox
    The game uses the following third party scripts:
    Bloxxie ( FPS based on XAP SDK) And html code, cause this is where i want to render the pages. I use the template here: And i render the game here And here is my game file where i do this Its being generated like this: RiotZ