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With this brand new product, you can control your life, set up schedules, set deadlines and build your own deadlines. They call it ‘Calendar’.

We have been using Google Calendar for a few years and while it’s great in some ways, its limited to the web. aCalendar can sync to your iPhone or Android cell phone and changes made to calendars are also made instantly online.

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This is the second time that I have purchased a Calendrical product by DirectDVD. They have now replaced my previous Sony BluRay player with a Elgato Gaming Device.

aCalendar has a 7-day system. You can view what day of the week it is and set a reminder for any day of the week. You can also set a deadline for when an event will be held.

There are limitations on the other content. You can only have 2 calendars. A first calendar can only display 6 months and only 1 year view. You can either display the month or the year. A second calendar is limited to 2 months and it can display only 3 months.

When you create a new calendar, you can either create it as a weekly or monthly calendar. A monthly calendar has limits for date ranges that you can pull from. You can either choose a specific date from a start date and ending date or a date range. For example, if you want to have access to the events of the last year, you could pull from the start and end date to last year.

You can either bring to the top or the bottom of the calendar the events already in that day’s calendar or you can view the top or bottom events on a calendar view. You can also view a calendar by individual months, years, or decades.

Other than that, I found it to be easy to use. I also found it to be very customer friendly

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Design and description
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The ships had an overall length of, a beam of, and a normal draught of. They displaced at normal load and at deep load. Their crew consisted of 541 officers and enlisted men.

In 1924, Sakura was refitted with additional armament in the form of eight 35 cm (14.5 in) Model 18 Type 96

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