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    • Strawberry Cough (AAA) 28g *Black Friday Special*

      $160 $100

       Strain Information  Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 80% Sativa / 20% Indica Strawberry Cough is a strain that holds true to its name. A sweet strawberry smell and subtle after taste is accompanied by a thick smoke that leaves even veteran tokers coughing. This strain is sativa dominant with an 80:20 sativa/indica ratio. Strawberry cough is said to be a cross between Erdbeer…

    • Any two 14g product for $190!!

      $240 $190

      WeedCottage Half Oz. (14g) Extravaganza Sale!! Brought to you buy Top Shelf Quality Go to FLOWER page and add any 2 choice 14g product to cart,  discount will apply at checkout

    • 2 Girl Scout Cookies 14g Tuna Cans for $160!!

      $240 $160

      Summer Sizzle Sale! 2 Girl Scout Cookies 14g Tuna cans for $170!! Brought to you buy Top Shelf Quality Add this product to cart to get 2 can deal for Girls Scout Cookies

    • Pineapple Express (QUAD) 14g *Tuna Can*


      Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 60% Sativa / 40% Indica THC: 20-25%, CBN: 1% Pineapple Express is a Sativa dominant strain with a 60:40 sativa/indica ratio. The strain is quite popular and has achieved recognition thanks to the stoner film of the same name. However, you have to keep in mind that the strain is not as intense as the movie has made it out…

    • Gloria Glue (QUAD) 14g *Tuna Can*


      Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa THC: 25% – 28%, CBD: 1% Effects Body High, Cerebral, Happy, Uplifting May Relieve  Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Nausea Flavors Chemical, Chocolate, Coffee Aromas Coffee, Sour, Sweet

    • Cali Dragon (QUAD) 14g *Tuna Can* RARE!!!


      Grown and canned in BC by Top Shelf Quality Co. Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa THC: 19% – 29% Cali Dragon is a rare slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the (Trainwreck X LA Kush) X Dragon’s Fire strains. Looking for a super-powered strain with well-balanced effects and a crazy spicy flavor? Cali Dragon is everything that you…

    • Sour Diesel (QUAD) 14g *Tuna Can*


      Brought to you by Top Shelf Quality Co. Canned in British Columbia 90% Sativa / 10% Indica Sour Diesel is a sativa dominant hybrid strain with a 90:10 sativa/indica ratio. The origin of Sour Diesel is frequently debated within the marijuana community.  You can undoubtedly look forward to a high like no other. Couch lock and a “heavy feeling” aren’t…

    • Obama Kush (QUAD) 14g *Tuna Can*


       Indica Dominant Hybrid – 65% Indica / 35% Sativa THC: 14% – 21% Obama Kush looks as though they are green balls that are surrounded by orange hair. It is quite fluffy and is an indica dominated strain with a 65:35 indica/sativa ratio. Additionally, it has a 14-21% THC level and smells pungent and sweet with a hint of pine, but is quite…

    • Black Domina (QUAD) 14g *Tuna Can*


      By Top Shelf Quality Co. Grown and canned in B.C! THC: 18% – 24% 95% Indica Black Domina is a near-pure indica, with a sativa/indica ratio of roughly 5:95. That means the high is centered almost entirely on the body, leaving patients lazy, euphoric, sleepy, and happy. This strain is a product of a four-way crossbreed between Northern Lights, Ortega,…

    • Girl Scout Cookies (QUAD) 14g *Tuna Can*


      Product of British Columbia Grown and canned by Top Shelf Quality Co. Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa THC: 28%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1% Girl Scout Cookies is an indica-dominant hybrid with a strong sativa component (40:60 sativa/indica ratio). This strain can reach THC levels of up to 28%, meaning it’s one of the most potent strains available to medical marijuana patients. This…

    • Purple Kush 28g (Greenhouse)


      *May Contain Seeds* Indica THC: 17-22% Purple Kush is a 100% pure indica strain created as a potent cross between the insanely popular Hindu Kush X Purple Afghani strains. This dank bud was named one of the Top 10 Most Powerful Strains in the World by High Times magazine and boasts a THC level that ranges from 22% on average. Users describe the Purple…

    • Holy Grail 28g

      $150 $130

      Strain Information  Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica THC: 18% – 22% This award winning hybrid is the offspring of hybrid OG#18 and Indica plant Kosher Kush, which is why it isn’t surprising it packs upwards of 18% THC on average testing. The buds of Holy Grail are large and dense, appearing a brownish color or as a light green, featuring a bluish tinge to…

    • Orange Kush (AAA) 28g


      Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica THC: 13% – 22% The sativa genes of OG Kush and the indica genes of Orange Bud were blended to form Orange Kush, allegedly an indica-dominant hybrid (reports on the sativa/indica ratio of this strain are unreliable at best). The flavor is tangy and citrusy while the smell has strong, sweet notes of orange. The buds have lime-green leaves and…

    • Cali Kush (AAA) 28g


      Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica THC: 9% – 13% California Kush is a nice, well rounded hybrid strain which is Indica dominant. It has nice large compact buds with a large number of leaves. The flowers will appear with the color light green mixed with a light ice type blue, and as a bonus, has trichomes scattered throughout. The aroma of the…

    • BC Kush (AAA) 28g


      BC Kush is a 100% pure indica strain created by breeders at the infamous BC Bud Depot farm by crossing the insanely popular BC Grapefruit X Kush strains. This dank bud is a two-time winner of the Cannabis Cup for the Best Indica category and is famous for its rich indica heritage stemming from highly potent Afghani indica strains. BC Kush is one of the strongest…

    • ReCon (AAA) 28g


      Hybrid: 60% Indica 40% Sativa ReCon is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) that’s a cross between the infamous LA Confidential and Cannadential Citrus strains. This highly potent bud offers the user an impressive and immediate cerebral high that makes the patient euphoric and offers mind relief. This indica high is followed by a creeping sativa high…

    • Black Diamond (AAA) 28g


      THC: 20.00/26.00% CBD: 1.00/3.84% 60% Sativa / 40% Indica Black Diamond marijuana strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid that originates from Northern California. It will spoil your senses while putting your mind at ease. Black Diamond buds are like gemstones- dark green and purple in color, covered by dark orange hairs and sparkling white crystals. Black Diamond marijuana strain is great for casual evening with friends…

    • Gorilla Glue (AAA) 28g


       Indica Dominant Hybrid – 60% Indica / 40% Sativa THC: 25% – 28%, CBD: 1% The winners of the 2014 Cannabis Cup in L.A and Michigan is here! (Not to forget the High Time Jamaican World Cup Champions). That Right! If you didn’t know, Gorilla Glue is that Champion! Not Much has to be said about it’s chunky buds covered in resin and sour aroma…

    • Cannabis Shake 28g *Great for Cooking!*

      $100 $70

      Quality Cannabis Shake! Description: Cannabis Shake is packaged by our suppliers.  It is described to be the leftover bits of cannabis when the flower is being weighed and packaged for being distributed.  

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    edibles that contain THC and CBD, use with caution because they are very strong for some people.

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